Coffee Connection

I wrote about my decision to start weaning in an earlier post.

Now that I am down to about 2 or 3 expressions/feeds a day, I felt that The Time had come. No more Milo or herbal-infusion-of-exotic-plant for breakfast. This week, after 21 long months of abstinence, I, Pilgrim Mom, was going to have a COFFEE.

On the way to work, Pilgrim Dad and I stopped off at the venerable Killiney Kopitiam for breakfast, where I declared, probably a little too loudly,

两片 kaya toast,一杯咖啡.”
(Two slices of kaya toast, one cup of coffee.)

And oh, it was good. Very, very good.

But I had not reckoned on the effect of caffeine on me after such a long hiatus. In short, I was unable to sleep until past 3am.

Frustrating, yes.

Yet it seemed only sensible that the next morning, in order to get me through the day, I would have to have another cup of coffee.

And so I did.



3 responses to “Coffee Connection

  1. I learnt it the hard way too…my caffeine free body reacted excitedly to that first shot of adrenaline.

    But, I am obviously a slow learner, as I’ve just downed a coffee (after dinner, no less).

    Maybe I’ll blog through the night tonight… and watch the sun rise..

  2. Hi PP–I don’t really understand the caffeine rush from drinking coffee–I’m not a coffee drinker. My wife is, and loves the rituals around having coffee.

    It is such a part of her day.

    So, should we be happy you’re back on coffee?

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