Ack, I’ve Been Tagged!

The always thoughtful New Parent has tagged me with the question:

“What is the meaning of your kid’s name?”

It’s funny he should ask. I’m now reading a book by Eugene Peterson, a pastor, author and professor of theology, who has this to say on the issue of names:

“At our birth we are named, not numbered. The name is that part of speech by which we are recognised as a person. We are not classified as a species of animal. We are not labeled as a compound of chemicals. We are not assessed for our economic potential and given a cash value. We are named.

A personal name, not an assigned role, is our passbook into reality…. Anything other than our name – title, job description, number, role – is less than a name. Apart from the name that marks us as uniquely created and personally addressed, we slide into fantasies that are out of touch with the world as it is and so we live ineffectively, irresponsibly. Or we live by the stereotypes in which other people cast us that are out of touch with the uniqueness in which God has created us, and so live diminished into boredom, the brightness leaking away.” (Run With The Horses; p25, 32)

So on to the question:

盛 洋 天


The first character is Athos’ name, meaning “abundance”

The second character is Porthos’ name, meaning “ocean”

The third character is Aramis’ name, meaning “sky” (or more metaphorically, “reflection of heaven”)

I hereby tag the following three very fine ladies:

  • Mustard Seed Mom, because I am embarrassed to say that I actually don’t know what her kids’ names mean though I should
  • Rachel @ Pigstorm, because I recall that her kids have very meaningful names
  • Mama Stop Knitting, because her kids’ names (and hers as well) are the essence of bilingual chic

One response to “Ack, I’ve Been Tagged!

  1. Hi PP–thank you for writing such an insightful post. It was my first time being tagged, so I’m not sure of tagging protocol (smile).

    Thank you for participating and revealing some interesting information!

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