Reconnecting With Nature At West Coast Park

Yesterday evening, in a bid to redress the Pilgrim family’s nature deficit disorder, we brought the kids cycling at West Coast Park. This is one of the bigger parks in Singapore, and at its western end features a huge playground with all sorts of funky equipment that kids of all ages love. (Yes, the one with the inevitable McDonalds.)

The quieter sections are around Carparks 1 and 2. These are where you will find the runners, walkers, couples on a date, and once in a while, a boisterous family (ahem) puncturing the peace.

Now Singapore’s parks aren’t exactly a walk on the wild side. There are footpaths and bicycle paths, all prominently labelled. Fallen leaves are swept up, bushes are trimmed, and there are toilets and rubbish bins at regular intervals. Still, amid the manicured look, there is real fauna to be found. In the half hour we were there we saw:

  • An army of large red ants marching in neat rows
  • Another army of small black ants hauling home a dead wasp
  • Two snails, a big one with a conch-shaped shell and a small one with a spiral-shaped shell
  • A lizard (possibly iguana?) with his body nicely camouflaged against a bed of leaves
  • A perfectly-formed spiderweb with its owner sitting calmly in the middle awaiting his dinner

The kids were especially thrilled by Messrs. Snail and Spider (hurrah for all things slimy and creepy). I think the cool factor of West Coast Park went up several notches just on that score!


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