A Fair Question

“When I put something white on the floor [white tiles] how come I can still see it?”

Athos asked this question twice today, which had me stumped for a while….


7 responses to “A Fair Question

  1. hmm, maybe the floor needs to be cleaned? 😉

  2. Oh that’s a good one from Athos! 🙂 How did you answer?

  3. hmm, just venturing a possibility: bcos the object is not at the same surface level as the tiles, so the 3D of the object reveals its shape? therefore, it is easier to spot a white cube than a white sheet of paper. 🙂

  4. Trinakhoo, good science and I wish I could have thought of that on the fly! Mustard Seed Mum’s answer is probably the most accurate. 🙂 And unfortunately Ann, I went for mundane – different shades of white.

    What happens down the road when they start asking about DNA and gene sequencing?!?!

  5. I dunno how to play (this kind of) “tag”
    but I got here from a recommendation on:

    The New Parent


  6. ironically, science was my poorer subject in school.. :p by the time he raises questions on DNA, you can introduce him to the wonderful world of encyclopedias.. 🙂

    btw, saw in ur later post that linked to Rachel’s blog.. u know her? she was my jc school mate. we have a common friend so we sort of knew each other too.. have been following her blog as well!

    tingting aka trinakhoo

  7. Raymmmondo, thanks for visiting and drop by again if you can!

    TingTing, indeed Rachel and I are friends. What a small world!

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