Kwong Shin’s Impeccable After-Sales Service

I’ve made honourable mention of Kwong Shin elsewhere in this blog. But so good is their service that I feel I must post about them again.

This past week, BOTH my spectacles got squashed by the boys. (I’ve long since stopped asking why this sort of thing happens, and have come to accept that collateral damage is abysmally high in a household of boys.) Anyway, we went to Kwong Shin this morning and managed to get served almost immediately – a rare occurence given how popular the shop is. The lady who served me – probably a new staff since I’d not seen her before – took my glasses out of their case and the first thing she said was


(Tell me about it.) Anyway, she proceeded to doctor my spectacles back to health, teasing them over the warmer, readjusting the balance, giving them a wash and a wipe.

After maybe 10 minutes, both pairs were as good as new.

Charge? Nothing.

And that’s why I’ll keep going back to Kwong Shin.


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