Pasir Ris Park: Tranquillity on a Weekday

Last week, Porthos’ kindergarten went on an excursion to Pasir Ris Park. Organised by Club Kangaroo, the kids played carnival games, interacted with wildlife (two pythons and an iguana), and picked seashells on the beach. I was impressed by how smoothly everything went, and how well the team managed the kids and kept them engaged.

But what left the deepest impression on me was Pasir Ris Park on a weekday. None of the hustle and bustle of the weekend crowd. Just the odd jogger or cyclist. It was so quiet you could hear the waves and crickets and birds. There was a thunderstorm earlier that morning so the place smelled of rained-on grass. In Singapore, that’s scent from heaven – the harshness of the tropical sun has been temporarily disarmed, and the air is clear and cool.

There, in a park surrounded by a hundred kids, I felt utterly tranquil.




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