The Wonders of A Humble Cardboard Box

Over the weekend, we helped to babysit a pair of twins.

Faced with the prospect of 4 boisterous preschoolers (plus one baby), I did the most sensible thing I could think of – I kicked them outdoors. Everyone wore their grubbiest clothes, and armed with paint and two large cardboard boxes courtesy of our neighbourhood NTUC Fairprice, we set about creating whatever they felt like, which as it turned out, was a Bendy Bus. We even managed to find some old paper bowls and stuck them on as headlights.

Pictures below. But first, let me highly recommend the humble Cardboard Box as a most wonderful plaything for young children. All kids love to have large surfaces on which to paint, colour, draw, or stick things. If an adult is on hand, some judicious work with scissors and tape can transform boxes into any number of creations. Even without the dressing up, a child’s imagination can turn a simple box into trains and boats, castles and treasure chests, tunnels and ramps. And the best part is that the boxes come free. Any grocery store will be happy to let you take a few for free. The only question is how long us parents are willing to put up with what will eventually turn into mangy eyesores 🙂

So back to our Bendy Bus – here are pictures of the finished oeuvre:



One half of the “bendy bus”


Porthos and Athos peeking through the windows.



2 responses to “The Wonders of A Humble Cardboard Box

  1. Awesome! Great idea — and it looks like a good time was had by all.

  2. do you think your boys would care for a playdate with my 2 year old when we get back to Singapore in June or is she too young & boring for them?

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