Parenting Talk: Competence Beyond Studies

St Andrew’s Lifestreams, the counselling arm of the Anglican Church in Singapore, is organising a parenting talk:

Title: Competence Beyond Studies

Date: Sat 2 June, 10am-12:30pm

Venue: St Andrew’s Cathedral (Underground Sanctuary)

Cost: $22

The speaker is Dr Melvin Wong, a practicing clinical psychologist from California. I have it on good account that he’s an experienced counselor and good speaker, connects to real-life experiences, and has a lively and humorous delivery. Apparently Cantonese which may account for the last bit. 🙂 This is his fourth trip to Singapore.

The topics he’ll cover are:

  • A child’s world – the importance of early attachment with caregivers
  • Parent’s attachment style, parenting style and emotional expressions
  • The importance of emotional competence in relationships and learning
  • Steps to help your child develop emotional competence
  • Overcoming computer addiction (I couldn’t help wondering if this refers to the child or the parent!)

The talk is targeted at parents with children between 4-15 years, as well as teachers. You can get the registration form at the St Andrew’s Lifestreams website here. Closing date is 15 May 2007.


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