In Praise of Taxation

A gentle reminder to Singaporean readers: Deadline for filing your taxes is tomorrow! And 18 April if you’re e-filing.

Now I dislike taxes as much as anybody. So if I’m going to have to pay it, the process had better be as painless as possible.

And here I must pause to heap praise upon the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) – and you can go ahead and call me a dork. I’ve just filed my taxes online, and the process took me 10 minutes! It was so easy it was over before I was even warmed up with my documents, papers and calculator. They’ve linked up with employers, CPF, even the Central Depository, and they had all my details. All I had to do was update the system with any change in my status in the past 12 months (the birth of Aramis), and that was IT. No rifling through papers in search of elusive numbers. Nothing. I could even nurse while filing!

Times like these I find myself quite partial to the Big Brother.


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