A Tale of Two Brothers

I’m always amused – and often appalled – by the clearly different personalities of Athos (aged almost 6) and Porthos (4 1/2). One story here. And another as follows:

A friend has come to visit from New Zealand. She bears gifts for our three boys. Taking two and putting them behind her back, she asks Athos:

Friend: Left or right hand?

Athos: Left.

Said friend gives Athos his gift.  She takes up the remaining gift, puts her hands behind her back again. Then she addresses Porthos.

Friend : Left or right hand?

Porthos: Both.


2 responses to “A Tale of Two Brothers

  1. coachingsojourner

    Yes, they are both so different! One is “by the book” and has a gentle nature. The other challenges boundaries and is so savvy. I remember when Porthos was 2 and I told him no Yakult til he’s had dinner and he stood there with piercing eyes and told me “I don’t love you anymore” I was speechless – he’s mastered the art of emotional blackmail at a tender age of 2!

  2. Dear me. Yes, it pains me to say that sounds just like him….

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