Edible Art

Here’s a fun kitchen activity for the kids, especially when the menu for the day is salad!

Lay out the vegetables plus some dressing/sauce, give each of the kids a dish – white for best effect, paper/plastic for younger children – and let them create an edible masterpiece. After they’re done, they can eat it up! (Well one can hope anyway….)

Here are Athos and Porthos working with lettuce, carrots, cherry tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts, salad cream and mustard.


Athos made a dinosaur…


…and a seascape – the lettuce leaf is a whale on the surface of the water (tomatoes).


Porthos made a person. Alfalfa sprouts for hair, carrots for legs, and the little piece of carrot on the salad cream is the bellybutton đŸ™‚


There are lots of other possibilities of course: raisins, cucumbers, celery, kiwifruit, anything you’d put in a salad. If the kids are old enough, you could give them a plastic knife to shape the vegetables/fruits just right.

A variation on the theme is to let them paint pictures out of dressings and sauces of different kinds – besides salad cream and mustard, try sweet sauce (the translucent popiah kind), dark soy sauce (the chicken rice kind), honey and tomato ketchup. Also a good time to teach about viscosity


One response to “Edible Art

  1. Tricky mummy you are!

    But boy, it sure works…There was a time when I resorted to doing that when salad was not going down so well over here.

    Amazing how getting to play around with your food gets favourable results.:)

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