Porthos Overheard…

Today, a little girl called our home asking to speak to Porthos. Pilgrim Dad answered the call – it was the daughter of a friend, whom the boys play with occasionally. Pilgrim Dad dutifully summoned Porthos, passed the phone over, then both he and I hid behind the door eavesdropping (well what did you expect?!)

Porthos: Hello…. Do you want to come to our house? I have a lot of cars…. I have a lot of sports cars…. Come to our house. You can do whatever you want.

Now what woman can resist such an offer!


4 responses to “Porthos Overheard…

  1. Oh my, he’s growing up too fast. Getting phone calls from girls already!?

  2. Tell me about it…. What next, girls at the gate asking to see him?! šŸ™‚

  3. where is he learning his lines from? very smooth huh? My girls will be swooning over him in a few years time, I know it!

  4. i am grinning from ear to ear right now…

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