Home-Made Volcano – Aiming for Realism!

OK, so this is the latest in our volcano series, the previous posts being:

  1. Home-Made Volcano – the first one, with basic ingredients and how-to.
  2. Home-Made Volcano Extreme – where I post about discovering the Coke and Mentos effect
  3. Home-Made Volcano The Experiment – where we attempt a small version of the Coke and Mentos effect

Over the weekend, we made another home-made volcano, this time going back to good old vinegar and baking soda (see first post above). But this time, we decided to aim for realism! We filled the bottle with vinegar and orange colouring, then buried it in a mound of sand. Athos and Porthos decorated the hill with little plastic dinosaurs and some weeds. Then they spooned in the soda.






We probably did 4 or 5 rounds, and the boys had a blast refilling the vinegar, spooning in more baking soda, and generally watching their various dinosaurs get swallowed up. I should say that they didn’t enjoy the washing-up part as much đŸ™‚


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