The Girl Next Door

 Our neighbour, a sweet little girl of 3 years, asked to come over and play. I asked Athos and Porthos if that was alright. Here is what they said:

A: Yes she can.

P: No she can’t.

A: Of course she can!

P: No!

A: She can come for 5 minutes.

P: Kor Kor, do you want her to come over because you love her?

Hahaha. Except I was quite embarassed at the time of utterance because her mother was standing right there!


2 responses to “The Girl Next Door

  1. Hello once again; just a curious question posed: How Important is it to you to put your children through a good pre-school/kindergarten/primary school? Is it of Life-Changing, Drastic, Destroy-or-Enrich effects?

  2. Hi Bernice! Hmm, I’m no early childhood expert, but as far as I know the first 6 years of a child’s life are the most formative. So yes, I’d say it’s important to me that the kids go to a good school. But what is infinitely more important to me is that my kids have a good childhood – and that can happen even if they attend an “average” preschool/primary school. Does that help?

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