Survival Story-telling

Pilgrim Dad found his alarm clock broken and confronted Athos and Porthos with it. Here’s what ensued:

P: It wasn’t me.

PD: Then who?

P: It was Kor Kor. I saw him kick it and it fell off the side table. That’s how it happened.

PM: [To Athos] Is that what happened?

A: No.

PM: Then what happened?

A: I don’t know.

P: You did it.

A: No I didn’t.

P: Yes you did.

A: No I didn’t

Ad infinitum ad nauseum. We weren’t able to figure out what happened, so I let the matter rest with a general sermonette to Porthos about the importance of telling the truth. I had to restrain myself from telling Athos that he’s gotta have a better comeback if he doesn’t want to get blamed.

No prizes for guessing who will probably survive the real world better….


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