Chess – Beaten by a 5-Year-Old!

We gave Athos a chess and checkers set for Christmas. I thought he might take to checkers more readily since the rules were simpler.

As usual, I underestimated the little fellow.

Not only does he remember how all pieces move (assuming we taught him the rules correctly!), now he wants to play chess all the time. I’ve never been very good at the game, so I manage the best I can. It’s been fine all this while – I’ll usually talk him through my moves, and alert him to the risks of his proposed moves.

Then yesterday happened. My little one, my cherubic firstborn, he who issued forth from my loins but 5 years ago, beat me at chess for the first time. My queen was taken 5 moves into the game, and not long after my king perished.

I thought this kind of thing would only happen when they hit primary school….

One response to “Chess – Beaten by a 5-Year-Old!

  1. Freezing in Canada

    And that is exactly why I have not attempted to play chess with my firstborn. ;o I’ll just continue to dream that she would not be able to beat me. In the meantime, she keeps humble by playing with daddy. 🙂

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