Digital Pollock

I discovered this very cool website by way of blogger Toddler Planet. I’ve always been a bit ambivalent about Jackson Pollock‘s art. I love the energy, movement and colour of his ‘drip’ paintings, but wonder whether something created in minutes can qualify as truly masterful art.

In any case, the website is lots of fun! Both Athos and Porthos had a go this afternoon and it kept Porthos in particular engaged for quite a while.


One response to “Digital Pollock

  1. Although I’ve had similar thoughts about Jackson Pollock, I read a book last year about couples in which both partners were artists or architects or scientists, but one (typically the man) made it much bigger than the other, for possibly societal reasons…. Pollock’s wife, Lee Krasner, was amazing. I was totally taken off guard by descriptions of her and their relationship and it really raised my awareness of their work and life together. She was a true partner and a force behind his success.

    Widget, like Porthos and Athos, just likes to paint. 🙂

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