In Sickness and In Health

Totally exhausted.

The boys have been falling sick one by one – symptoms include some combination of high fever, phlegmy cough, stomachache, headache, dizziness and runny nose. According to the doctor and several colleagues with children, there’s a nasty virus going around which causes long and high fevers (5-7 days of erratic temperatures going as high as 40 degrees), causing much havoc and misery. We even brought Athos for a blood test….

Life has been an endless cycle of temperature-taking, medicating, cold compresses, feeding, hydrating and soothing. I don’t mind so much in the daytime, but in the night it is torture. Aramis is the latest to fall ill, and he wants to be carried all the time, even at night. I’ve taken to sleeping semi-upright, with him against my chest.

Now Pilgrim Dad is sick too…. And me, I feel the walking dead. I was talking to Athos just now and actually fell asleep mid-sentence!

Being a parent is hard enough work in health. But it’s in sickness that parental love meets its challenger, and by God’s grace, finds its deepest expression.


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