Waxing Lyrical About My Christmas Books

I just had to rave about two of the best Christmas presents I received this year. Both are books.

The first is Framed!: A Baby Blues Treasury a collection of Baby Blues comic strips. I love Baby Blues because Jerry Scott and Rick Kirkman get the issues, impact and insanity of parenting spot-on, and do a brilliant job of making them funny. Virtually every strip has me at least nodding in agreement, if not smiling or laughing out loud.

The second is Maya Angelou’s Hallelujah! The Welcome Table: A Lifetime of Memories with Recipes. Oh that all cookbooks were written this way! It’s a hybrid between a regular recipe book and a collection of Maya Angelou’s life stories. Each tale is told in a folksy earthy style, features food as a central character, and is accompanied by the respective recipes. Her descriptions had me wishing I was a guest at the table, and inspired me enough to cook dinner!


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