NYDC – Great Dessert, Pity About the Smell

Grandpa took the kids for the afternoon so Pilgrim Dad and I had a date!

After a homecooked dinner of pasta (inspired by Maya Angelou’s absolutely wonderful book), we went to NYDC at Holland Village for dessert. Pilgrim Dad and I are big fans of the cheesecake there – Ally’s New York Cheesecake for him, anything with chocolate for me. It’s also a young place, both in terms of staff and clientele. Helps us temporarily forget that we are 30something parents of three.

I gotta say though, that the ambience left a great deal to be desired. The airconditioning was way too cold (a common problem in Singapore buildings, particularly on rainy days), and the ventilation was so bad that there was a perceptible fog when we stepped in, and we smelt like overworked kitchenhands when we stepped out!


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