A Mother’s Reflections At Christmas

As far as motherhood goes, this past week was rough. I’m sure there were good, even transcendent, moments, but the ones that really stand out are:

  • The Case of the Leaky Poopy Diaper, wherein Aramis does a big one, that somehow spills out of his diaper, onto his clothes, then onto my clothes, as well as my arm. Of course, we would have to be out at a mall when this happened….
  • The Bed-Wetter Part 1 and 2, wherein Porthos decides he is now old enough to sleep without his diaper. He has two successful nights, which are followed by two nights of wet bedsheet, mattress protector, mattress, and in one case, even his pillow. Changing him and stripping the bed at 3am are bad enough. But there’s also trying to get the mattress aired in this weather….
  • The Vomiting Trilogy, wherein Porthos, who is having a chesty phlegmy cough, proceeds to (1) puke while we are shopping for groceries (2) throw up all of his lunch, medicine and vitamins, and (3) spew forth another lunch, which contained half-digested cheese. Not pleasant at all.
  • The Sleepless Nights. Because of abovesaid cough, Porthos isn’t sleeping well. So alongside breastfeeding Aramis, I’m having to manage a testy, irritable 4-year-old, all at unearthly hours of the morning. Add to that the storms we’ve been having, which are excuses for the boys to come sleep in our room because “we’re scared of the lightning”. There’ve been at least 2 nights where all 5 of us are jam-packed in one room, an indistinguishable tangle of arms and legs, and me in the midst of it all trying to go back to sleep.

Since it’s Christmas – Merry Christmas, gentle reader! – I got round to wondering whether Jesus had been a good baby. I mean, yes He was God. But He was also Man. And the wonder of the Incarnation is that Jesus came not as a fully-formed adult but as a baby, experiencing the fullness of humanity.

So I wonder: Did Jesus cry when He was teething? Did He have stranger anxiety? Did He like some foods more than others? Some songs, games, or people? Did Mary, knowing full well who her Child was, still get irritable on nights when He woke up three times to feed?

I’ll never know of course. But I’m inclined to think yes to all the above, because it gives meaning to the preacher’s exhortation that Jesus knows and understands.

3am may be an unearthly hour, but it is not God-forsaken.


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