Lego Artisan Builds Dinosaurs

Athos’ interest in dinosaurs has finally spilled over to Legos. Up until now, most of his Lego pieces have been used to build spaceships and aircraft, which he has refused to dismantle for the past several months. A few mornings ago, I discovered him absorbed in taking apart his precious spacecraft. When I asked him why, he said he wanted to build dinosaurs.

And so he did!

Here are two Diplodocus…



A Kentrosaurus (left – with pointy spikes) and a Stegosaurus (right – with broad plates)…

Stego and Kentro


I was particularly charmed that all four dinosaurs came with a pair of eyes! Now as it is, I’m already unable to keep up with his expanding knowledge of dinosaur species. But the clincher was this – as I’m taking pictures of his creations, Athos says “Mommy, can you take the dorsal view please?” Good grief…. And so, dutifully, here is the dorsal view of the four dinosaurs.

Dorsal means “back” Mommy!


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