Sarong Sling or Baby Carrier?

I was a faithful user of baby carriers when Athos and Porthos were pre-walkers. I was also given a sarong sling which has been gathering dust on the shelf these past 5 years.

With Aramis, I’ve finally found the time to try out the sarong sling. So here is one mom’s opinion on the Big Question: baby carrier or sarong sling, which works better?

Baby carrier (I use the Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier Original)

  • It feels very secure. Lots of features to ensure baby doesn’t slip out. Both hands are free always. But that also means taking out and putting on not that straightforward.
  • The carrier’s design ensures that baby’s weight is distributed symmetrically
  • Baby can be carried facing out or facing in (for naps or when very young)
  • Padding makes it very comfortable, but also very warm

Sarong sling (I use Moms In Mind Basic Cotton Carrier)

  • It takes practice to get baby in and out comfortably
  • The carrier’s design means that usually one side of your body is taxed more than the other. Not a good option if your back is weak.
  • Somehow I feel the need to use one arm to support baby, just in case he pushes off my body and slips out
  • On the positive side, I love that I’m able to see and talk to baby while going about.
  • Sling can also be used as covering for breastfeeding

Aramis is pretty comfortable with either. What I’ve ended up doing is using the Baby Bjorn for longer walks or when I absolutely need both hands free, and the sarong sling for all other occasions.

I know this is a question that’s of interest to new mothers. Heck, I’d have liked it if someone had done a comparison for me! So, gentle reader, if you have an experience that concurs or differs from the above, please do share it here!


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