Evernew Bookstore – Ever My Favourite!

After ordering our spectacles at Kwong Shin, we hopped over to Evernew Bookstore. This is my favourite shop in Bras Basah, and one of my favourite corners in the city. It’s a second- (and probably third- or fourth-)hand bookstore, with the majority of books priced at $1 or $2. The kind of place you want to just dig about all day just to see what treasures you can unearth.

I discovered it after Athos was born, and it made a lot of sense to me since books are expensive and kids are destructive. Evernew is known for old school textbooks, but there is a large selection of Ladybirds, board books, and non-fiction/information books. I built up a collection of about 10 Thomas the Tank Engine stories from Evernew, plus the classic Peter and Jane books, some Mandarin early readers, and an almost complete set of hardcover discovery books about air travel, sea travel and the earth. Many of the books aren’t in great shape – the delicious irony of the store’s name! – but at $1, what can one say?

I’ve also made some wonderful finds. Today I picked up a book called I Spy Super Challenger, and knew that it would be a big hit with Porthos. Only upon flipping to the back did I discover that the book is actually a collection of the best “riddles” from the award-winning “I Spy” series published by Scholastic. Some reviews from publishers below:

  • “Oversized pages are chock-full of delectable details…. A can’t miss crowd pleaser. Yum. Yum. Yum.”—Kirkus Reviews
  • “[I SPY] is so visually arresting and complex, so engaging that fans old and new will find much to keep them happily occupied in this literary hide and seek.”—Family Life
  • “A visual feast that children (and many adults) can savor. The images first dazzle the observer…. Then, they pique the reader’s curiosity.”—The Boston Globe

Indeed the detailed photographs immediately drew me in, and Porthos and I sat there playing “I Spy” for a good few minutes and could easily have gone on for longer had time permitted.

We’ll be going back to Kwong Shin to pick up our glasses in a week. Can’t wait to drop in to Evernew again!


3 responses to “Evernew Bookstore – Ever My Favourite!

  1. I was more excited to have found Children’s Books, Yun Nan Bookstore at level 4 of Bras Basah Complex. They sell brand new books at very good prices. Ladybird books go for about $2! Check it out next time you’re there.

  2. Thanks Mommyfied – great tip! I also discovered Lido Bookstore at the other end of Bras Basah Complex. Brand-new books at a fraction of the normal price, both adults and kids. They appear to be print overruns.

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