Home-Made Volcano – Extreme!

One of the things we like to do is make a home-made volcano. The visual effect really fascinates the boys, even if the science eludes them.

A couple of weeks back, someone told me that Diet Coke and Mentos created a spectacular effect. So I looked it up and what an eye-opener!

A search on Youtube will call up hundreds of Coke and Mentos home experiments, though the above is far and away the most spectacular – and spectacularly wasteful! – of the lot (and apparently sponsored by Coke and Mentos).

I meant to do some research to figure out a less wasteful, toddler-safe, way of doing it. (Would a smaller bottle and half a Mentos work?) But Porthos caught me watching these videos and immediately said, “I want to do that.” Sigh.

I have a week of vacation leave coming up year-end. Watch this space….

Update#1: We tried it out! But be forewarned the results were less than impressive….

Update#2: We tried it again – full-scale this time! Spectacular, and now I can get on with my life…. 

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    love it

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