Making Dinosaur Magnets

Athos is really into dinosaurs now. So Grandma bought him a craft kit for making glow-in-the-dark dinosaur magnets.

Great expectations

The box says it’s for kids 5 and above. The trouble with these craft sets is that there’s no way to audit these statements until you’ve actually done the project. And now that we HAVE done it, I’d take the age guidance with a pinch of salt, especially if you expect the final result to look anything like what the box promises!

Here’s why: The moulds are fairly straightforward, but embedding the magnets at just the right depth takes some doing (all of ours sunk too deep). There are also long waits – for the clay to dry, for the paint to dry, for the glaze coat to dry, and finally for the glow-in-the-dark coat to dry – so the kids need to understand that they won’t see the results all at once.

Still, we managed to complete it over two sessions on two separate days. Although none of them can function as magnets, the boys were nonetheless quite proud of their final creations!

Our handmade dinosaurs


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