5 Reasons Why We Love Island Creamery

OK, so I try to get the Pilgrim Family eat healthy. But if you’re going to give the kids an occasional treat, as we did tonight, there are few places I would recommend more highly than Island Creamery.


1. The flavours. Besides superb renditions of classic flavours, Island Creamery has cornered the market on adaptations of local flavours. Think Pulot Hitam, Teh Tarik, Horlicks and Chendol. Pictured below is what we had tonight. Clockwise from bottom left – Reverso (chocolate with chocolate chunks), Chendol, Very Berry and Cookies and Cream. So sedap!

We all scream for ice cream

2. The price. Good ice-cream does not come cheap. But at $2.50 a scoop (and $4 for a double scoop), it’s no wonder that students flock to the place. Scoop sizes are generous.

3. The freebies. I don’t know about you, but any place that charges me 10 cents for water loses me as a customer forever. Island Creamery has a self-service water dispenser for customers – bravo! To boot, if you are undecided on flavours you can ask the friendly staff for a free tasting (but don’t be chao kuan lah!) And best of all, free Milo and Horlick toppings!

4. Kids-friendly. A section of the place is set aside for kids – low tables, small chairs, children’s books, crayons and paper, chalk board. Now that’s a place that’s not trying to move customers in and out in a jiffy!

5. Location. Serene Centre isn’t exactly Party Central. Peaceful, easy feeling. Plus they were playing – not hip-hop, techno, punk or trance, not even the radio – the Bee Gees! How deep is your love, is your love, how deep is your love….

Since Chinese New Year is not too far away, I should mention that according to The Baker Who Cooks, Island Creamery does a pineapple tart flavour around the season – oh my! If you have a favourite flavour, or just want to rave, please feel free to leave a comment.

Important update here!

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