Sleepless in Singapore

Another one of those “why-oh-why” nights.

I’m having a nasty cough – something called mycoplasma, which sounds as bad as it feels – and the doctor prescribed me some medication which puts me in a stupor and wanting to fall asleep all the time. Porthos is also having the same cough, which was compounded last night by a fever and a blocked nose. He made a huge fuss of it, and cried so loudly that Aramis woke up.

Great, I thought. It’s 3am in the morning, I’m feeling lightheaded and woozy, and have TWO crying children on my hands. Honestly, I felt like crying too. Anyway, I told myself to get a grip. Then one at a time, I calmed them down – medication for Porthos, nursing for Aramis, and lots of warm cuddles all round.

By the time I was done it must have been close to 4am and I was exhausted. Thank God it was two and not three….


One response to “Sleepless in Singapore

  1. Hello, chanced upon this site by some random clickings, and took a look around. I must say ’tis a novel concept (at least to ignoramus soul here), this parenting blog. You sound like you make a great parent. Hope your kids grow up to be beautiful people 🙂

    Hailing from The Little Red Dot too.

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