Online Boggle – Addictive Fun!

One of my favourite recent discoveries is this website – online Boggle played against people from all over the world. I love word games of all kinds, including Boggle. But this just takes it to a whole new level. First, you can play Boggle just as you would in your living room. But there is the added thrill after the round ends of seeing how well you scored against other players, what words you missed, and even links to what these words mean! All done automatically without having to shake a Boggle box, turn an hourglass, or tally up scores manually. You can play as a team, or even create several teams and play against each other.

The game is loads of fun, but hugely addictive. Just as well the boys are still too young for this game! In the meantime, Pilgrim Mom is practicing. (And practicing, and practicing, and practicing….)


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