Responding to the GST Hike

“Death, taxes and childbirth! There’s never any convenient time for any of them.” – Margaret Mitchell, “Gone With The Wind”, 1936.

So the GST is going up. It’s not a change I like, but it’s one that I can understand. Rather than add to the sound and fury online, I thought maybe my energies would be more fruitfully channeled towards something more positive.

So today I’m starting a new category on my blog – “Shoestring Singapore” – all about how to stretch your dollar, particularly in regard to raising kids. No doubt life in Singapore is expensive, and about to get more so. Let’s see if we can’t find ways to live more simply, while living more meaningfully and abundantly!

For starters, check out my posts on:

  • the Concourse, the place to start if you’re on a budget and planning a party.
  • NLB’s eBook service, books for free, and right into your home!
  • the Toothpick Game, which has kept my kids occupied for long periods, and costs less than $5 to assemble. (Less than $2 if you already own a deck of cards.)

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