Solids And Avoiding Allergies

The other day, I picked up a brochure produced by Nestle. It promotes their hypoallergenic infant formula (Nan), and also includes some information on how to reduce the incidence of food allergy which I found really useful. Here are the salient bits:

  • Exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months provides the ideal protection
  • Introduce solids after the 6th month
  • Foods least likely to cause allergic reactions: rice, pear, prune, carrot, apple, pork
  • Foods which occasionally cause allergic reactions: barley, apricot, beef, wheat, plum, spinach, cabbage, oat, banana, chicken, peach, broccoli, lamb, turnip, potato, cherry, corn
  • Foods most likely to cause allergic reactions (introduce from the 9th month): berries, cow’s milk, legumes, fish
  • Foods which are highly allergenic (introduce from the 12th month): seafood, peanuts, egg white

We’ve already transgressed the guidelines on fish! Still, it’s a useful list to keep handy.


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