An Inconvenient Truth – Do Something Now!

Pilgrim Dad and I had a rare evening alone without the kids, who are staying at Grandpa and Grandma’s tonight. We had a light dinner at Cedele – a heavenly onion and tomato soup, followed by a superb potato salad. Then we watched An Inconvenient Truth, an hour-and-a-half documentary about Al Gore’s one-man crusade against global warming. I was wondering whether the movie would be able to sustain interest for such a long stretch while selling just one message.

It did. The movie began as a presentation that Mr Gore put together and continues to present across the globe. Weaving laymanised science, arresting data and impactful graphics and animation, Mr Gore tells a compelling story of The Blue Planet at the tipping point between environmental catastrophe and a turnaround. I left convinced, intellectually and emotionally. As a parent, it worries me to think of what kind of world we are leaving behind for our children.

What can we do?

The movie website lists a variety of ways that we can make a difference. If you still need to be convinced of the case for global warming, watch the movie! The DVD has just been released.

As for me, I’m going to start by giving up hot showers. Bleagh.


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