The Concourse – Party Central!

Porthos’ 4th birthday is coming up so we went to the Concourse to get some party favours for his guests.

If you’ve never heard of or been to this place, you’re missing out! The second floor comprises ex-tenants from the old Blanco Court, who sell every conceivable item you could want for a party, and then some. We found decorations, disposable tableware, stationery, party favours, toys, even a confetti cannon! And all at reasonable prices. Unless you’re into branded or high-end items, this is really the place to start.

I’m old enough to remember Blanco Court (vaguely), and even the kuay chap (more clearly). There appear to be fewer shops now than before, but the festive atmosphere is a real treat, especially now that Christmas is round the corner. The whole atrium is a sea of Christmas trees, ornaments and light.

A caveat though: I brought Athos and Porthos with me, thinking it would be nice for Porthos to pick out what he wanted for his friends. Let’s just say he wanted far more than I was prepared to give! On the positive side, there was no shortage of “teaching moments” while I headed off a couple of tantrums and guided him through the options. But if you’re looking for a focused and decisive shopping trip, leave the kids out.


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