Explorerkid @ Downtown East

Porthos’ kindergarten organised an excursion to Explorerkid @ Downtown East last week. The place is quite a lot of fun – a large indoor playground with ball pits and a multi-layered jungle gym with two slides and other fun features . The structures are fully padded so it feels very safe for kids. The place also has a couple of computer kiosks, and apparently a nursing room though I didn’t see it.

The pricing is quite complex, with peak, off-peak, member and non-member prices – click here for the pricing chart and other information. The highest rate (peak for non-members) is $8 per hour.

Porthos enjoyed himself, though it’s probably a safer bet with older kids – I’d suggest at least 4 1/2 or 5 to be quite safe. Although you can see right through the gym, it’s big enough to get lost in, and a younger child could get disoriented and bewildered, as happened with Porthos once or twice.

Important note: socks must be worn at all times! The kindergarten informed accompanying parents but I forgot and had to buy a pair (Explorerkid sells them for $2).


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