NLB’s eBooks – Brilliant!

I’m so excited about my latest discovery – the National Library Board’s eBooks service. I was thoroughly absorbed by the kids’ collection, called Tumblebooks Library. You’ll need to register as a member (free, and the Singaporean in me says Hurray!) Then scroll down to Tumblebooks and start browsing.

Some are pdf versions of books for reading online, including classics like Alice in Wonderland, Little Women and the Wizard of Oz. Others are audio books.

And then there is the best category of them all – picture books with audio and animated visuals. I randomly listened to/watched three – Little Pea, The Dot and The Fire Station – unqualified fun! It’s been a long time since I’ve been read to, and I felt like a happy child.

The reading is expressive, American-accented (Tumblebooks looks like a Canadian outfit), and the images appear to be animated versions of the actual book illustrations. Best part for the beginning reader: the sentence being read lights up, karaoke-style.

No substitute for parents reading to their kids of course, nor the range of a physical library. But on a rainy (or hazy!) day, I can imagine how this service might be a great babysitter. And it’s one way for parents to check out the books before deciding whether to borrow/buy them. I heartily recommend this. Can’t wait to show this to Athos and Porthos tomorrow.


4 responses to “NLB’s eBooks – Brilliant!

  1. That’s great. I’ve alerted my colleagues of your post. One of them had been trying hard to get library users to know and use this product that the NLB has subscribed. 🙂

  2. Hi Ivan! On my part, I’m passing the word around to all my parent-friends. It’s a wonderful service!

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