School holidays are a-coming

One more week and the year-end school holidays will be upon us. Eeek!

The Pilgrim family has no plans to vacation out of the country. So if we don’t intend to let the Musketeers vegetate all day in front of the TV, it is going to require every ounce of our creativity to keep them engaged. We’ll post our ideas and adventures as they emerge. Ideas from our gentle readers are warmly welcome!


One response to “School holidays are a-coming

  1. If I’m ever a parent, what I want to give my children will be experience and memories.

    Picnic @ Hindedge Park (at the foothill of Bukit Timah)?

    Some farm visit in the north of Singapore?

    Singapore Discovery Centre?

    Chek Jawa?

    Sorry, I love Singapore, so most of my stuff is all about Singapore.

    Think they’re better than visiting VivoCity when most shopping stuff are typically the same?

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