Little Superhero Girl

I was playing random mp3s off our home computer over the weekend. Suddenly Athos stopped me and said, “I like that one, Mommy.” The song was “Little Superhero Girl” by Corrinne May, the first track on her album Safe In A Crazy World. He made me play it over and over and over, and wasn’t interested in hearing anything else.

Last night we got the lyrics off the Internet and followed along with the song. We must have listened to it at least five times, maybe more, and by the end, the little guy was singing Na-na-na along with Corrinne.

What’s uncanny about the whole thing is that “Superhero” is my favourite song on that album, and for a while it was the only song I was listening to. It’s weird yet wonderful to discover how much Athos is like me.

The episode also made me realise that Athos is ready for a musical diet well beyond “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. And Corrinne May is as good a place as any to start – she’s a thoughtful and poetic lyricist, with a great feel for instrumentation, rhythm and melody. I love this particular song because it’s so full of life and idealism, and for a little while I forget I’m a mother of three and think about how to change the world!


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