Immunisation Time!

We brought Aramis for his shots today. The appointment was originally scheduled for the morning, but when Porthos heard that Di Di was getting an injection, he whined that he wanted to come along. The sadist….

So we turned it into a family outing. The boys were goofing around at first, but when the needle made its appearance, they watched in awed silence as the nurse prepared the vaccine.

I don’t enjoy needles, but somehow it feels much worse when your child is at the other end of it. As the needle went in, Aramis let out a loud cry of dismay. I felt terrible for him. Surprisingly it lasted all of 5 seconds, and then he was fine. I think having his brothers around as a distraction helped. Both Athos and Porthos asked to “see the hole” and the cotton wool with the spot of blood on it….

Someone told me that it helps to put the baby on the breast while he is getting his shots so that he feels protected.


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