An Adventure to Jurong Bird Park

Today’s PSI hovered around 20+, and I saw clouds in the sky – what joy!

Today I also had a lunch appointment with a colleague. He called ahead to ask if I would mind having lunch at Jurong Bird Park and that he would explain on the way. My office is in the city, but I’m always up for an adventure (and was also mightily curious!) so off we went.

It turns out that on his way to a meeting this morning, he found an injured kingfisher on the ground. Small enough to fit in my palm and covered in beautiful red, blue and brown feathers, the little creature’s right wing appeared out of joint. Not wanting to leave the bird in its vulnerable state, he called the Jurong Bird Park who said that they would be able to take the bird.

So there we were, two adults and a little bird in a fruit punnet (courtesy of the office cleaner), way out in Jurong on a working day. At the information counter, my friend was asked to fill a form. Among the information requested: where the bird was found and how long he had had the bird.

The final section was a declaration stating, among other things, that he was relinquishing ownership of the bird, that he would not ask to visit the bird, and that if he reconsidered his decision he would be charged at $50 a day. The service staff explained that they get 2-3 birds dropped off every week, and some of these were pets whose owners would eventually miss their birds so much that they change their minds.

A Bird Park vet named Gan came to the counter to pick up the bird. He told us that this was the fifth (!) kingfisher they had received recently. It seems kingfishers are migratory birds and while passing through our island, some of them injure themselves. I wondered if the haze had anything to do with it. Anyway Gan said that they would do their utmost for the bird.

Somehow this little adventure made Singapore a nicer place to be in for me.


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