Singapore Science Centre – We’ll Be Back!

Thank God for another day of hazeless skies and heavenly rain! I felt adventurous enough to bring Athos and Porthos out to the Singapore Science Centre.

Now it has to be said that I have not been there since, perhaps, primary school. So it was quite a joy to find the place far more interesting than my hazy memories would have it. We didn’t have time to see everything, and for me it was really about going along with what the kids found interesting. So in the 1.5 hours we were there, here’s what they especially liked:

  • The optical illusions at the main atrium – Interesting stuff, and a reminder that seeing is not always believing. One particular effect made the visitor’s head looked like it had been decapitated and served on a platter. The kids had a good chuckle, and even I did a double-take!
  • The human body – we played a few rounds of the memory game, the touch-and-guess game, and the exhibit on pregnancy and labour gave me the chance to tell them how they grew from the size of a pea to a baby, and how they came out. They didn’t ask about how they got there in the first place, and I, ahem, didn’t think it necessary to explain. 🙂
  • Energy – there were exhibits on electricity, gravity and sound which they liked very much. The Gravitram, which drops balls from a height down a series of tracks and slopes, captivated them for a while. But nothing holds a candle to Audio-Kinetica, an installation at the entrance to the Science Centre that shows how latent energy converts to kinetic and sound energy.
  • Waterworks – absolute favourite. This is an outdoor area with fountains and other features, where many kids strip down to their bare essentials and get soaking wet. The boys loved the vortex pool, which sucks plastic balls down and out onto tracks, eventually leading them back to the vortex again.

Most of the science will be lost on kids under 5, but there’s a high level of interactivity so it’s still a barrel of fun, and hopefully they’ll have positive associations with science.

Admission fees are reasonable: $6 for adults, $3 for kids. The family membership card is $35 for up to 2 adults and 3 kids, meaning that you more than break even on the second visit, or on the third visit if you go as one parent and two kids. Once again, the Singaporean in me shouts hurrah!

And what more, parking is free!

Here are pictures of Audio-Kinetica


And here are pictures of Waterworks



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