Toothpick Play!

The PSI has been hovering around 40 today – the lowest in many days and delightful timing since it’s a public holiday!

We blew bubbles, cycled, read, baked cookies, watched a Winnie the Pooh video, and played endless rounds of Snap and Donkey. We also tried a new game that I found in a book sometime back. Turned out to be a big hit with Athos and Porthos.

All it involves is a box of tootpicks, a deck of cards and this gameboard and you’re ready to go!

Each player should have his own gameboard house and the aim of the game is to be the first to complete the house using toothpicks. Players take turns to draw cards and act based on what cards they draw.

  • King, Queen or Jack – take 1 toothpick to build your house
  • Ace – take 2 toothpicks to build your house
  • Joker – put back 1 toothpick
  • 8 – take 1 toothpick from your house and build the house of the player on your right
  • 2 of Spades – put back all toothpicks and start over
  • All other cards – no action

The above rule set means that there is some action required for one out of every two cards. If you want more activitiy and excitement, you can of course change the rules. The favourite for us was the 8 and the 2 of Spades!


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