Bubble Solution For A Hazy Day

This haze is driving us berserk. We’ve been forced to stay indoors and the boys are bouncing off the walls. Suddenly the control freak in me is reminded how powerless I really am.

Thank God for the rain this afternoon that brought welcome relief. Humid and rainy weather is, in fact, the best condition for blowing bubbles. So it was with great glee that the boys and I wandered outdoors armed with bubble solution and wands of all sorts. Athos eventually managed to create some enormous bubbles, which Porthos of course had to burst, leading to an angry exchange, shoving, tears blah blah blah.

Anyway, store-bought bubble solution makes the best bubbles, but this has worked well for me too:

300 ml Water
2 tablesp Dishwashing detergent (I use Mama Lemon)
1 tablesp Glycerine (this helps to make bubbles last longer. I bought a bottle from Phoon Huat, the baking goods chain)

Mix gently and – very important – let it rest overnight. For some reason this improves the performance of the solution.

We have a few plastic wands from party packs etc. But we’ve also made our own:

Old hangers – twist into a big circle for bigger bubbles
Drinking straws – Tape 6-8 together and cut to about 10 cm. Dip one end in bubble solution and blow from the other end to create tiny bubbles.

You can find updates on the PSI level here. Right now it’s 57 – hurrah!


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