Singapore Biennale @ Tanglin Camp (spoilers)

Some days back we brought Athos (5 1/2) and Porthos (4) to the Singapore Biennale at Tanglin Camp. It was a bit of a risk since we had no idea what to expect and whether the kids would find it interesting. I ‘ll also admit to being a little leery of installation art….

Surprise #1 – Tanglin Camp itself. Such charm! Nestled among big shady trees, these airy colonial buildings used to house the British and later Singapore military. I love that I could hear the cicadas!

Surprise #2 – It cost just $5 per person, the kids went in free, and our tickets give us access to a bunch of other venues too. The Singaporean in me shouts, Good Deal!

Surprise #3 – Some of the exhibits were not appropriate for children. What surprised (and heartened) me was the presence of a staff to inform us of the fact. “This one not so good for children.” “Why?” “Got zombie like that one.” He went on to point us to…

Surprise #4 – We enter a standalone colonial building and find a fish-tank. Little fish swimming around rocks and corals. Big deal. But Pilgrim Mom sneaks down to the basement, where she climbs up a ladder and finds her head – peekaboo! – right in the middle of the fish-tank. Big hit with Athos and Porthos – they couldn’t get enough of it, and took turns to be upstairs and downstairs, making us go up and down. The highlight for Athos was popping his head up and freaking another visitor out!

The other installation that was fun for the kids was the room with the microphone. Speaking into it turns the lights on, revealing an adulating audience, plus the sound of raucous applause and cheering. The lounder you speak, the louder they cheer. Pilgrim Dad got his 15 seconds of fame 🙂

More info on the Biennale here.


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